Meet the brand new generation of outdoor controllers. BVF have created an outstanding and affordable solution for outdoor heating cables. Our sensorless technology based on real time weather conditions. In addition the smart weather forecast allow us to start heating earlier for better performance.

For normal operation you need to connect the L-1 thermostat with Tuya Smart application on your phone. After connection the thermostat can
automatically switch the heating on and off based on weather condition.

BVF L-1 outdoor thermostat
BVF L-1 Smart Thermostat

210 - 250VStandard supply voltage

iOS & Android appSmart thermostat

Remote controlvia WiFi

16Arelay load

BVF L-1 without sensor

No sensor

Smart weather forecast

Notification mode

Program mode

Smart automatic mode

BVF L-1 WiFi Smart outdoor thermostat

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BVF L-1 outdoor heating thermostat
BVF L-1 outdoor heating thermostat
  • Pairing mode
  • Heating off, WiFi offline
  • Heating off, WiFi connected
  • Heating on
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Tuya Smart compatible

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  • Operating voltage:
    230V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Capacity:
    3600W / 16A
  • Backup storage:
  • IP rating:
    IP 30
  • PRG options:
    7 days, unlimited cycles
  • Application:
    Tuya (Android & iOS)
  • Color:
  • Housing dimensions:
    86 mm × 86 mm × 15 mm
  • Relay installation dimensions:
    Ø 65 mm diameter, standard

BVF L-1 wifi smart outdoor thermostat