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BVF CP1 WiFi Smart heating panel

Smart panel heater

Smart heating panel with integrated WiFi thermostat. 500-2000W

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BVF H-MAT heating mat

Heating mat

Electric heating mats are used for heating all types of ceramic tile in adhesive.

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BVF L-PRO alu heating mat

Alu heating mat

BVF’s high-end quality alumium heating mats are used for heating laminate floors.

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BVF L-1 Smart outdoor thermostat

Smart outdoor thermostat

New generation of outdoor thermostats with sensorless technology.

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BVF WFD floor heating cable

Heating cable

Constant wattage cables for underfloor heating. 10 and 20 W/ linear meter available.

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BVF Smart Thermostats


16A WiFi thermostat with external sensor. Designed for electric floor and panels heaters.

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BVF Kobe electric towel dryer

Electric towel dryer

Kobe electric towel dryer with digital thermostat and high quality low carbon steel with powder coated white or black finish.

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BVF Adelig smart mirror

Smart mirror

ADELIG smart mirror is a device which with that functions as a bathroom mirror with additional smart functions.

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BVF SRHC outdoor pipe heating

Pipe heating and defrosting

The BVF SRHC 18/36 self-regulating heating cables are suited primarily for frost protection of gutters and pipes.

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CALEO heating film

Heating film

Brand new film heater with CNT technology. The new generation of underfloor and ceiling heating.

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BVF SX outdoor heating cable

Outdoor heating cable

Constant wattage outdoor heating cables for snow and ice melting.

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Top quality products and systems from the home of Samsung and LG, together with nearly 3 decades’ expertise.

We offer complete system solutions and products to those who understand the advantages of engineering-free innovative heating systems, who vote for environment conscious construction and/or achieve energy independence by implementing renewable energy sources.

Our objectives are the same as those of satisfied users worldwide. Development of energy efficient and environmentally sound heating systems is a common interest. It is the expressed goal of BVF-CALEO holding management to provide the comfort of our homes by developing green and healthy heating systems.

CALEO Heating film factory

About Us


BVF manufactures and distributes heating units working at highest efficiency rates. The manufacturing plants operate in compliance with standard ISO 9001, with top-level quality control, using the most up-to-date materials.

Business Concept

R&D is always in first priority. We are keen to be in the first line with product development and manufacturing processes, always focusing on the end customer’s needs.

We believe that our partners deserve the best conditions and prices. Low MOQ helps your business spend more in marketing and sales activity. Nevertheless for higher quantities we are pleased to supply directly from factory.
Production Capacity

Factory orders allow us completing large volume of goods at once. We can also organize smaller shipments at reasonable lead time. We can deliver your goods from the factory taking into consideration your country specific needs and adjust product specification to your request.

Products on stock

Our EU based stock makes us flexible to send even small deliveries for distributors on an efficient way and short time. Sufficient stock of all models and a well established network of transport companies guarantee fast and efficient deliveries.

Worldwide Brand

“BVF” and our registered trademark “CALEO”  is one of the best selling electric heating brand in the world. Our branch is well known from Korea to Chile and succeeded in quality sensitive markets such as Germany

Environment & Sustainability

Tightening building regulations and standards require the on-going modification and development of the technology. Innovation in heating technologies globally points towards sustainability and the least energy consumption with the least possible costs, and the least load on the environment. Be a conscious builder and break free from traditional polluting solutions. Application of renewable energy sources and independence from energy prices is our common goal globally.

BVF-CALEO systems and products are combinable with renewable energy sources.

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Competitive price 80%


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