Self regulating heating cable

WHY IS IT INTELLIGENT? Depending on the temperature of the graphite-polymer heating element, it changes its own resistance. The performance of the heating cable varies according to the actual outdoor temperature, so if there is no risk of freezing, its power consumption drops drastically, approaching 0W/m.

With the use of the optional plug-in kit, the wiring is quick and easy, and does not require any special skills or tools. Any length can be customized.

BVF SRHC pipe heating and defrosting

230VStandard supply voltage

10 YearsWarranty

Can be cut to sizeThe cable can be customized anywhere

5.9 mmCable thickness

2-4 days delivery in Europe

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Self regulating heating cable

Defrosting of outdoor pipes and gutters.

The BVF SRHC 18/36 self-regulating heating cables are suited primarily for frost protection of gutters and pipes. Its customization is easy, and no complicated preliminary design is required. It can be used in normal, corrosive and polluting industrial conditions.

With its operating range calibrated between 0 and + 3°C, BVF SRHC 18/36 does not allow the pipeline and the circulating fluid to reach the freezing point nor to overheat. This way it can be economically operated on smaller sections even without a thermostatic control. It adjusts the performance between 1-38 watts, depending on the outdoor temperature and the temperature of the pipe section. Suitable for frost protection of pipes, gutters, taps, sliding gates and doors. In the case of uses other than the general, contact the BVF specialists.

BVF SRHC outdoor pipe heating

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  • Performance:
    18-36W self-regulating
  • Sizes:
    from 1m to 100m it can be cut anywhere
  • Cable type:
    Double-insulated, grounded
  • Cable diameter:
    10.5 x 5.9mm
  • Heating cable insulation:
  • Accessories:
    BVF Connection set