BVF H-MAT Series

Electric heating matBVF H-Mat Series 100-150

  • with 100 and 150W/m2 capacity
  • 10 years extended warranty
  • Can be used in a bathroom
BVF H-MAT Series
BVF H-MAT Series

Modern homes with electric floor heating

Using the BVF H-MAT product range, the installation of floor heating is simpler and faster than ever before. Our floor heating system for full, additional and comfort heating does not require any special preparation either during the tiling or the construction of an electrical network.

In contrast to traditional floor heating, electric heating mats are not embedded in the blind concrete layer but in the tile adhesive. This significantly shortens the time needed for heating; therefore; overheating due to the mass of the concrete can be avoided.

Twin conductor technology - innovative heating cable

Unique quality and warranty terms. BVF’s high-end electric heating mats are used for heating all types of bonded and tiled flooring quickly and economically. Electric heating mats can be used in the installation of the heating system for complete buildings or even for the comfort heating of only one room. In the BVF cable with twin-core heating element the heater wiring goes back and forth, so it has to be connected on one side only. Our products come with a 2.5m long factory-installed connection cable that has been tested multiple times.

BVF H-MAT Series
BVF H-MAT Series

230VStandard supply voltage

Self-adhesiveFast and easy installation


3,8mmInstallation thickness

Heating mat installation

The thickness of the BVF H-MAT electric heating mat is only 3.8mm, so unlike conventional heating cables, it is possible to build individual and additional comfort floor heating without raising the floor level, since the tile adhesive or the floor levelling layer should be at least as thick as this.

BVF H-MAT installation - Step 1

1. Dedusting of base concrete layer

BVF H-MAT installation - Step 2

2. Laying of self-adhesive heating mat

BVF H-MAT installation - Step 3

3. Wiring the dual sensor thermostat

BVF H-MAT installation - Step 4

4. Finishing with flexible adhesive

Ready-made electric heating mats from 1-12m2 heating sizes. After installation, the heating mat floor heating system can be put into operation immediately, and it can be connected directly to the thermostat with a 2.5m long factory-installed connection cable. Thanks to Twin-Conductor technology, it has to be connected on one side only.

Whether it is a new heating system or only a floor replacement, the installation is easy. For bathrooms, regardless of the real heat demand, we recommend heating mats with a larger product capacity (150W/m2) for quick and dynamic heating.

By using adhesive coat, it can be installed even on existing flooring.



Order of layers for heating mat

BVF H-MAT electric heating mats do not require a special layer system when tiling. But before starting, it is advisable to prepare the leveling of the blind concrete, or the heating mat can be installed directly by using flexible tile adhesive.

The flexible carrier layer can easily be adapted to the floor plan dimensions of the room, the 50cm width is therefore only a packaging dimension. Its self-adhesive surface securely fixes the heating mat in place during the tiling.

Fast and simple solution

The BVF H-MAT twin core heating mats have connection point only on one side. There is no need for any complicated preliminary design, nor for special order of layers for the installation. Only bottom insulation, complying with the standards in force, is required for the most economical operation. It can be laid directly on the concrete floor and can be covered with either tile adhesive or a concrete levelling compound layer.

Maintenance free

BVF electric mats do not require maintenance or hidden warranty reviews. They can be put into operation immediately after installation/handover; and due to their multiple insulation, they can be completely detached from environmental influences (e.g. wetting of the base concrete, water pipe breakage, etc.). At the end of the heating season, the heating system can be disconnected by simply pressing a thermostat button, and started again by switching on the thermostat and setting the desired temperature.

Smart control

The BVF H-MAT heating mats are always controlled by a double-sensor thermostat, from simple programmable designs to remote Internet access devices. Learn more about BVF thermostats.

Technical data

  • Performance range:
    100W – 150W/m²
  • Sizes:
    1-12 m²
  • Insulation of heating cables:
    Double insulation
  • Thickness:
  • Wiring:
    2.5m long cold cable
  • Cover insulation: