With our online designer we can provide information about the heating system to be built, taking into account the geometric and thermal insulation parameters of the building. You can also get a recommendation on the performance of the solar system to achieve zero heating costs. The calculator is appropriate for budget planning at the beginning stage, but does not replace the personalized offer made by our specialists.

Type of heating system

Thermal insulation data

Floor area

Ceiling height

~ 0 W
Max. performance
The power to be supplied by the heating system as a maximum and at the same time for the independent heating. The indicated value is understood when all heating circuits are operated simultaneously.
~ 0 A
Power consumption
The indicated value is the simultaneous maximum current consumption of the heating system if all heating circuits (room) operate simultaneously. This information may be relevant to possible network expansion.
~ 0 kWp
Solar panel (Option)
Optional solar power system performance for 0 Euro heating cost.
We recommend the modernization of the building before the solar system is installed!

The values calculated by the online designer are indicative. The results obtained are not considered as professional energy calculations and / or quotation.