BVF ADELIG user manual


ADELIG one click

One click

Turn on the LED light

Double click

Double click

Open smart interface

Long press

Long press

Turn on defogging

Smart interface

The smart display must be configured with the phone application. It does not display temperature and weather data without configuration. Go to WiFi configuration

BVF ADELIG Smart display

WiFi configuration

If you have already paired a smartphone with the smart mirror and want to pair a new device, you need to reset the smart display. To reset, unplug the smart mirror, then turn on the power again and wait until you hear a short beep, then turn off the power again. Perform the steps four times in succession until “SCAN” appears on the display. After the reset is complete, follow the connection instructions below to pair with the new device.

Download application

To use the smart display, the first step is to download and install the WifiClock app from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

Download app from GooglePlay
Download app from GooglePlay
Download app from AppStore
Download app from AppStore

Video tutorial

Step by step connection manual


Open WiFiClock app
Open the WifiClock app

Please make sure that your phone is connected to the local 2.4 GHz WIFI network, the mobile data of your device is turned off during the connection.


Start pairing
Add device

Turn on the smart mirror, then press + button in the upper right corner of the Wifi Clock app.


Enter wifi password
Enter Wi-Fi password

Then press Next button.



If “SCAN” flashes in the smart mirror display, press the Confirm button.


Adding device

Wait until connection is established.



Weather and temperature data become visible on the smart mirror display.